10 February 2019

the darkness can never extinguish

The majority of Haiti did the same thing we did this weekend...stayed home. 

Read a lot of books...
 enjoyed the gorgeous weather...

...some with winter hats.
Took the pumpkin Maman's dad gave us
and made some really yummy pumpkin-lime-curry soup
 played a lot of baseball...(maybe more soccer)
 ...taught art lessons
 and ate brushes.
I'm not actually sure anyone else was eating brushes.  

Mostly, we spent a lot of time praying, and it's just not good.  Our student, Maurice, who was hit, is going to be ok, but can't get to the hospital...friends are trying to fly in, fly out, and have been really having trouble getting in and out of the airport.  Fuel is an issue, food is an issue, transportation is a major issue, roads are an issue, all schools we know of are cancelled...rocks, burning, bottles, threats and fear.  Our visiting professor, a Haitian man coming from the States, got here safely today with much prayer, but most of our master's students from around the island can't get to the class.

Saturday morning, as Nikki left the women's dorm to come to our house, she 'caught' the female students in prayer.  They were all heading out to get to families and churches and ministries, hoping Saturday morning would be more peaceful than Friday night.  

Holding hands and lifting their voices together, they prayed for each other, for safety, for this country, for peace, for open roads, for safekeeping until they were together again, and my heart was so moved.  

for those who lived in darkness shall see a great light    Is. 9:2

Right now.  
There are beautiful lights in Haiti right now, shining, shining in the oppressive, unsettling darkness and in the fear and I know them by name.

The world is far, far too broken for the wisdom and ways of man to fix....pray for His lights in Haiti...and BE Lights wherever you are.

the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it   John 1:5

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