16 July 2017

the Big Apple

This past year of homeschool, Lily and I have been studying American History...which has been incredibly interesting for both of us (I swear I never learned most of what Lily just did!)  About six months ago, she got in her mind that there would be NOTHING cooler in the whole world than to see the Statue of Liberty with her own eyes.  

She begged and pleaded and studied and reported, but her parents had NO idea how to do the Big Apple.  Much less with three kids. 
She told Aunt Sharon all about it when she was with us in Haiti, and if there is ANYONE you want to travel and tourist with, simply ANYWHERE, it's the Mishlers.

Actually, we'd pretty much always like to do ANYTHING with the Mishlers.  

And they said they would.  ALL the way from Kansas.  So we called it family vacation, we met them in NYC yesterday, and today was Brooklyn Tabernacle, Brooklyn Bridge, amazing food and "I Heart NYC" shirts and coffee the subway and amazing sightseeing...and tomorrow is the Statue of Liberty!  Lily is SO EXCITED.  She's also been promised a meal at a Haitian restaurant, and somehow she's pretty excited about that, too :)
I've got tons of pictures to share...but I'm on vacation :)  

I'll leave you with Sofie...who was told we were going out on the town for dinner, rounded up her jean jacket, her dad's belt (looped twice) and my sunglasses.  She was irritated when I made her add SHOES.  This girl has her own style, and she's not budging that for anybody.
Can't wait to see what God's got in mind for this one... and grateful grateful for these few days!

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