01 July 2017


Today was Jane's birthday, and trying to think of something special to do for her birthday was NOT easy!!  We finally decided to make it an adventure and drove/hiked way out to Limonade to experience Basin Mambo (Basin's of the Female Witchdoctor), a series of about 15 waterfalls and pools.

Leme lived in Limonade for a few years, and so he and Gesuca led the way with Rick, the Heckmans, the Haris, Jodenel and Esther...lots of friends alongside.
And it WAS an adventure!  Jane has such a servant heart, is so gracious and giving and has been such a faithful friend to our family....and we celebrated her by showing her what must have felt like every square inch of Haiti!

Once we hit the lower pool, Lily was off, ready to lead us all higher and higher, from pool to pool...it was AWESOME, but nowhere the camera could go :)
Thankful for a great day with lots of good friends, for Jane, for more of gorgeous Haiti, for good time with Leme and Jodenel's significant others, for some place new to go, and for being home safe and sound 8.5 hours later!!  

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