14 June 2017

here we grow again

Something Matt says from time to time when he's preaching is, "God never changes, but He is always doing something new."

It is just another in a long list of paradox. Paradoxes?  Paradoxi?

In our weakness He is strong.  It is by losing our lives that we find them.  It is by bending our knee we are lifted up, by His stripes we are healed, through a baby the almighty God came to the world.

With OMS's head of theological education preparing to somewhat retire (which is how ALL full-time missionaries retire, it seems, just somewhat), One Mission Society (the organization we are missionaries under and who started Emmaus 50 years ago!) has asked Matt to to grow a little.
God's not changing one whit.

And you know it's our deepest heart to see Christ-like leaders reproduced and growing and being equipped for effective ministry, used by Christ for transformation in one life at a time...in Haiti and in the world.   And that's not changing one bit, either.

But there is something new all the same.

There are over 30 other seminaries in the world partnering with OMS, and as Matt's been serving with the theological education team for several years now, God just continues to deepen and grow Matt's heart for the many places around the world that need exactly what Emmaus needs.
So with the precious time he once spend working on his Master's degree, then the plethora of hours and days and months and years he dedicated to his doctoral thesis and studies, he'll now be dedicating  them to serving and encouraging and coming alongside some of the servant leaders around the world.

He'll be providing oversight and leadership for the design, development and implementation of missional training within OMS and OMS partners, will liaise between OMS executive leadership and OMS Theological Schools, he'll help facilitate development of key international leadership, and provide assistance and guidance to implementing best practices for theological education in OMS partner schools.
Bob and Esther Fetherlin, President of OMS, when they came for Matt's ordination
But it's not because it's good or important work that he's agreed to take on this "VP for TE" role.

It's because we've prayed and sought and fasted and interviewed and sought wise counsel and talked for a long long time, and this seems to clearly be a door God has opened, and we wanna be faithful.

Now I know what you're thinking because Matt's mom (we love you, Barb!) has already asked several times.  We're still gonna be here in Haiti, and Matt's still the president at EBS.  It just means that he'll be focus more time globally, and it'll mean more travel for Matt (like last month, when he visited the Moscow Seminary team) and like yesterday, when he headed to Indy for a week of meetings.

So pray for us as we balance good family ministry with good Family ministry.  Pray for us as Matt steps into these additional responsibilities.  Pray for wisdom and the fullness of the presence of God in Matt and I as he serves in these new ways, as well, and for me and our awesome, stepping-it-up staff here as we carry on and grow and take courage and continue to be one the Bible school where Matt is working most :)

God's work through Matt may be widening, but His reach doesn't change.  It is He who is able and He who does the transforming and He who does the equipping, and us along for the ride, seeking to be faithful.

Thank you for being a praying, supporting, loving family.
The people you were pouring into through us...there will be more.  The prayers you were praying for our family, they carry us further.  What you were giving, it invests deeper still.

We need you more than ever.

And we're thankful more than ever, too!

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  1. We are EXCITED to see God grow you and your influence for his kingdom! Thank you for willing committed hearts!