04 June 2017


One day...one day I am going to put together a book of all the beauty I see in Haiti and it's people.  Ah, one day I am going to shoot and write like there is no tomorrow.

But today, tomorrow comes absurdly early with little girls who can NEVER wait to start the day. Tomorrow comes student interviews and testimonies, closing May's finances with Jodenel, Rick and Carol (our CFO) flying in, the team heading out, braiding hair, baking bread, carpools and homeschool and...

SO. Until that day...there's just the simple trip to church this morning to show you enough.  Look at the beauty of the homes, the intricacy of the woven walls, the community of the yards, the care of the details, the green of His earth, the creativity of the fences, the bridges, the markets, all the colors.

Which one is your favorite?

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