20 May 2017

behind the scenes

And now for all the behind the scenes stuff...which is a very big part of my scene :)

The girlies are not done with school until mid June, so we've been keeping on with school and friends and carpool and homeschool.  So thankful for Gertha and Micheline, spending extra time with the girlies while we've been finishing the year!

It's been raining every day again, and while most everyone's grouchy about it, Phil's flowers and all the rice farmers are happy.

It's getting hot again...Sofie today was rotating between playing in the sprinkler, playing with Alisha and doing her schoolwork :)

A few nights ago on our family walk, we got some photos from the tower (and by we, I mean me, because Matt gets nervous on the step ladder :) 
I am loving having regular office hours again and being home with the girls more...for reading and crafting and playing outside...and when I got home from the staff lunch Thursday, jumping off the bed.

How could this girl be any sweeter?  She talks up a storm, and all her little words and phrases and expressions are so priceless.

Wee Joel leaves next week for a few months, and she's going to be SO sad...he's her dear friend, whom she also likes to bully, and then feed to make him feel better!

This is our weekend with Matt before he leaves for Russia on Monday...but Nora-dear is terribly sick.  Throwing up, not eating, not able to drink. Please be praying for her with me... This is the sickest and most lethargic we've seen her in her little happy life.  I will update tomorrow.  Thank you!

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