16 April 2017

the great miracle

Aaaannnnnd, we're back.

What a whirlwind week with lots of fabulous family and family time.

It's so rare, getting ice cream with Grandpa, sitting at the pool with Grammy watching Nico and Lily do laps, late night Wal-Mart runs with my sister, listening to Evie say all her silly little things Lisa tells me she says but I never get to hear, juggling all the kids together, breakfast with Pop-Pop...it's so rare.

So thankful for a wonderful few days in Florida, for the chance to see almost all of our immediate family members, for the Lakes crazy generous housing, and for so many sweet memories.

Back to missing them all.

We got in Saturday night and Sunday morning Matt preached the sunrise service this morning at the English Bible Fellowship...dyed eggs...all had yummy Easter lunch together with a Florida ham :)  The girls loved Florida...but home is home.

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So very thankful for family.
Trying to get ready for a big week with our students returning tonight, I sifted through the mail from the week we missed and was caught off guard by Christianity Today's headliner...something like, "The Greatest Miracle of Easter wasn't the Resurrection." 

Curiosity peaked, I read through a fantastic pull towards one of my favorite passages in God's Word, Colossians 1.

The miracle was the empty tomb, heavens yes, hallelujah.  He is risen.  But another great miracle is that He rose again, and decided to now live in US.  The great miracle is Christ in us, the hope of glory, family.

From some crazy place in God's mind and heart, He choose us.  

The tomb is empty, Christ is risen, and in US.  What a miracle.

What a great reminder that the the miracle of Easter is exactly what we have the cherished high standard to be today. 

Empty tomb, filled US...Christ to the world, the hope of glory, what an honor, what a miracle, what a wonder.
Happy Easter, family!  

The most astonishing miracle of Easter is that we have died with Christ, and He has arisen. in. us.

Let it be so, today...

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