01 April 2017

mind, heart and body

This past week we had another team of doctors, nurses and dentists here from Harvest Bible Chapel in Ontario.  They stay at Emmaus, work with a local clinic, and then spend a few days doing mobile medical clinics in areas where our staff or students have churches.  This year, that put them at Flavil with Belony, DuFour with Nosebin and crew, and a day in Grison-Garde with Granny.
What a gift to see our staff and students bringing and sharing spiritual help and healing throughout Haiti, and then to see these talented men and women work tirelessly to bring physical help and healing alongside to the same people, in the same places.  It was also a joy to see the pastors and leaders doing VBS with the kids, leading devotions in the morning, accompanying help with prayers, and taking down details to follow up.
Friday Lily and I joined them, Lily for her first mobile medical clinic.  She was insistent that she wouldn't play, and would pull her weight, and she l-o-v-e-d it.  I translated for Dr. Jan, and was so blessed to see lots of people we knew from Granny's church and zone, to watch his heart for his patients, and to see lots of our students and alumni and partners all at work together for the good of the community.
Walnique (graduate, lead pastor of Fev) translated for hours, and played some soccer...
Granny (far right) was LOVING it...hanging out all day, bringing the team coconuts, holding babies, catching up with friends, helping tell people's stories.

Lily restocked pills, assisted the dentist (her favorite part), gave out toothbrushes, helped in triage, took people where they needed to go, and loved on some babies.  So thankful for these neat opportunities for her during Easter break!

It blessed me greatly how kind and patient the team was...how anxious they were to truly listen and help. They looked like the Gospel...how beautiful to watch.
This dear woman loves the Lord, and brought in a one month old precious baby boy, his 14 year old mama having abandoned him, the community telling her to leave him for dead.  Despite all the pressure, she's been caring for him best she can, making him tea to drink. The team sent someone for formula, and left money for him to have formula for a good long time...the best part of working in communities where we have ongoing relationships through our staff and students to keep up with people.
I was so touched by her commitment to care for this little man, having raised 9 of her own, and saying over and over that every life matters, even one that no one else thinks does.  
Nora is no longer content with anything baby.  No more baby swing, no more staying back with mama.
Sofie wasn't sure how that got there.  

We grilled out with the team Friday night, they headed back North today, and Ms. Joyce flew in today to teach at EBS for Indiana Weslyan's master's program starting Monday!

Keepin' on, thankful!

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