25 April 2017

churches, schools, babies, friends for the victory

Sunday, Matt left at 8 am for alumni Brave's church...and returned at 3:30 pm.  He was thinking it would be an easier trip without three kiddos, and he was right :)  However, he came home energized nonetheless, using the 3+ hour service to read through Romans several times, and he was blessed to be a part of what God's doing through Brave in AuBois.  Of course, he took no pictures :)

We didn't miss out, because we got to spend some precious time with John Kennedy, who is growing like a weed and couldn't BE any more adorable.
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Nora continues to be overcome with her great love for this little man, hugging him and kissing him endlessly until he couldn't take it any more :)  She LOVES her a good baby, and found his hair particularly fun to play with!
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We love Job and his precious family (he is our head of security, and his older son and daughter are two of Lily's best friends) out of their current 10'x10' mud home and into one he's building (hence the bags of cement in their current home).
The project is certainly coming along...but there's still a lot to do before these 5 are in!
Sunday evening, Bubba returned to Haiti for the week, and this morning he and Lily are out visiting schools, Lily thrilled to death with a small camera one of John's friends sent with him for her!  She's hard at work taking pictures of schools and students and professors, translating for John, making new friends and having the time of her life.  Lily keeps asking me when she'll finally be done with school so she can start doing "the good stuff!"

Dr. Ray Easley also arrived yesterday, joining us on a grant from OMS for faculty training...looking forward to being a part of that with all of our teachers and administration on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

Meanwhile, Luna, our Academic Dean and friend Lucner's wife, preached in chapel yesterday.  She is a third year student, leading a huge church in Vaudreil alongside of her husband, and it's just such a joy to see her growing and hearing her passion for the Lord through her message on reconciliation yesterday.  This is truly a special special couple, continuing to grow as they pursue him and parent their four-under-five...Victoria, Victor, Victorious and Victory.

This week is our LAST WEEK of classes, so we're all just keeping up and along for His ride!

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