03 March 2017

scooters and shepherds and shish-kabobs

Last night was student dinner night, and I wish I'd gotten a picture of all seven young men, in dress shirts and ties, in a long parade of hilarity with Lily and Sofie in the mix as they rode all the bikes and scooters to be found on campus to our door.

I love the rare moments when the men and women of Haiti--many of whom never experienced the carefree joys of childhood--are boys and girls at play.

Like riding tiny pink scooters to dinner, or playing soccer before class in their bare feet, or laughing hilariously through movies like Princess Bride.  

Note: remove Shepherd's Pie from list of culturally friendly-enough foods to serve.  
Quote: "What do you call this? A big mix of foods that shouldn't be together in a pot?"

Once again, I was all twisted up last night over the heavy burdens our student-brothers carry.  

Children, wives, parents, friends with medical issues unknown, untreated, not understood.  Burdens of carrying many, without many possibilities.  Broken people with many spiritual and physical needs filling their churches and communities...bringing both harmony and discord, looking to them for guidance and help.  

So much wisdom is needed...so much grace.  So much courage.

Whether the Shepherd's Pie was a hit or not, it continues to be a privilege to feed the men and women around us, best we can, to hear and see and experience their hearts and to lift them up to our Almighty Father, for His best.  

Keep praying for Emmaus...it is a battle, we are battling, pray for our men and women.  

Here's a few pictures from Difour (pronounced Dee-Fu), with our Difour team leading special services, youth and children's retreats throughout Carnival weekend.  A group of young men each made decisions for Christ, promising to hold each other accountable and hanging on every Word.  Pray for 2nd year student Nosebin as the appointed pastor, and for Leme, Phida, and others as they work among all of these new believers, discipling, discipling.  
How beautiful are those?

In a mud patch that only a year ago was a village who'd never even heard the stories of Jesus, much less KNEW Him.  I can't get over this mighty transformation of His!!  Pray for Difour!

Tomorrow, a team of five from West Park comes, Sunday, Pastor Dave (also from West Park) to teach a Master's course this upcoming week, Tuesday, Katie to help out while Matt is gone, and then Matt goes Friday for a 10 day speaking/preaching tour in NJ/Philly.

Tonight, we had shish-kabobs and Hawaiian bread and coleslaw and cake and celebrated Bill turning 30 tomorrow (!!!) and all watched Moana, which the girls had been dying to see.  Grateful for fun and creative community and for the ways God uses it to restore and encourage our souls.

Matt preached an awesome message in chapel today about THIS...

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