18 March 2017

first love

This weekly consistently moved and humbled and inspired me.  Today was no exception.

After hours of taping and translating and transcribing and doing English voice-overs, our video crew from Asbury (our Alma Mater) felt like they really needed more footage of the students out and about, doing what they do.

However, there were several issues.  One, none of our evangelism groups go out on Friday afternoons, because they all go home.  Second, I wasn't feeling good about taking a camera crew of foreigners evangelizing.  Didn't feel like the right way to the share the Gospel. Seemed like it could send wrong messages.

So we got creative.
I grabbed one of our evangelism crews, made up of Phida, Serge, Belony and Ismael, and told them to meet me at Paulcine's.  Paulcine and her husband became Christians in Saccanville a few years ago, and soon after were convicted by the Spirit and asked to be married.  Since, they've both joined our staff at Emmaus, one as a cook and the other as a security guard, and they are light at the Seminary and a light in Saccanville.

We all headed out back and set it up.  Paulcine and Yves would be act as normal, unevangelized people, working in the yard, and our evangelism team would come visit them and share the Gospel with them, just as they do anywhere else.

I hoped it would feel somewhat natural, but I NEVER expected everyone would take it to the level they did!

Pauline and Yves were fabulous, giving all the reasons people tend to give in Haiti for not following Jesus,  and the students went all the way through the Gospel message, breaking off into small groups, Ismael immediately collecting all the children in the yard and sharing the Jesus with them, Phida collecting a passing friend to talk to her about Christ in her life.

They talked, they reasoned, they listened, they talked about what was going on in their lives, all with the utmost sincerity while Sarah and Matt filmed and their student Sarah took pictures.  I stood behind a palm tree and listened...they weren't play acting!  They were sharing the whole Gospel, powerfully, personally, and beautifully...I LOVED listening to our students do their thing...do OUR thing!

With joy, Yves shouted out, "I want to follow Jesus" and with giggles at first and then firm resolve, Belony walked Yves through accepting, again, following Jesus as his savior.  I know it was set up, but it was powerful all the same to hear them repeating the foundations of our faith.

When they all finished, we rounded up to head home, but Phida's heart was touched.  "I just want to say," she shared earnestly, "That even though we set this up for an image, this was so powerful, and it is so important!"  Beautifully, she launched into a short devotional based on Revelations 2 and remembering our first love, and the importance of remembering and reaffirming our commitment to Christ.  She also noted how joyful their hearts were to share the Gospel with their brothers and sisters, and how they should continue to share the Gospel with joyful hearts even to those who are not yet in the family of God.  It was great.

In the end, I suggested we spend a minute praying for Yves and Paulcine and their home, as lights in a very dark community, as believers among a very many lost.  That time of prayer was so special...the whole thing was so special.
Once again, I was reminded how blessed we are to be a part of this precious community of Christ, and encouraging one another on towards him.
Phida and Jean-William, doing voice overs in English!

Today we spent all morning with Lucner and Innocent, a local witchdoctor, at his voodoo temple...that crazy story next.

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