28 March 2017


These girlies keep us so stinking' busy...but they are so stinking' cute!  Everyone is thrilled to have the rain subsiding and the days warming up (except for Matt, but you know :) We've moved much of homeschool outside, especially with Lily having four whole weeks off from local school for Easter.

Uncle Don and Mr. Phil also really like playing outside :)  They've been working like crazy on the newest project...a large, covered outdoor space for conferences, special services and large classes.

The only thing Nora does more than talk is color on things...the walls, her legs, her sisters, EVERYTHING.  While talking.  This is a girl of many words and much clean-up.
Meanwhile, our Harvest Church Canada team is spending all day, everyday doing medical clinics, both nearby and in surrounding staff and student churches in DuFour, Flavil and Grison-Garde...love this opportunity to serve alongside each other, for the body and the soul!

Thank you for your continued help and mighty prayers!

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