25 February 2017


You know it's a weekend when 6 am doesn't mean everyone rushing into braids and uniforms, everyone hustling to get breakfast on the table and out the door, everyone pushing to be on time for the car pool, everyone attacking the day.
Saturday morning may still begin at 6 (one day, these dear children will enjoy sleep.  We are not there yet.), but there is no attack on the weekends.  As soon as little feet hit the tile, they are heading for the door, and once it's opened for the day, everybody is outside.  We walk the campus, following the girls like cat-herders, drinking coffee and usually bumping into Phil and Emily doing the same thing (though their well-trained teens are still in bed), and enjoy the mist rising and the birds waking and the girls laughing and crazy-haired.

It is Mardi Gras weekend, Carnival weekend, and while for many of our students it means weekends of youth retreats, for all of us it means a few days off school and a long weekend!  More coffee-walk mornings.
I am thankful.  I have been needing coffee walks.  Needing to let the girlies wander without consideration of time, following their happy voices happily--not directing or rushing or instructing, just listening and loving and laughing.

I have been needing a long weekend.  Needing time with the Lord.  Needing time for He restoreth my soul, needing I lift my eyes up to the mountains where my Help comes from.

Nora's got a 101 fever up and down, teeth, teeth, teeth, but she was her happy girl self today, so at peace having her "Da-DA!" home.
When she found scissors on our walk, she quickly grabbed them and dove into a nearby bush for cover of wet-blanket mommy.
The girls have been begging to have their nails done...a big NO-NO when school is in session, but with a long weekend and no place to be, we had SPA day.
They loved it.  And I loved loving on them. 
And when our neighbors asked us to go to town for an early dinner, picking up friends along the way.
Town must be the most exciting place in the world...it is SUCH an organized chaos of colors and activities and business and creativity and games and work and laughter and a million little conversations, at every moment.  

Nora loves it, always yelling "Hi--Hi--Hiya!"s from the window to every single passing person or animal.

Tomorrow Matt is translating a service at Pillatre Church down the road for a group of their board and visitors...and Monday Lily and I have big list of people we have been wanting and needing to visit but have been unable to find the time (visiting friends never happens quick in this culture...because when you go to visit one, you always see 11 more, and are quickly invited to each of their homes).  I will try to get some pictures, not from a car window but from real life.

 Very thankful for this gift of a few moments, for a steady God and for gifts of His presence.

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