12 February 2017

team effort

Alright, back to playing catch-up!

We have a fabulous team here from Matt's home church, Sharptown.  Not only are they really special people that we love, and such an encouragement and help, but they have also been cooking US dinner EVERY NIGHT.  All three of our families!  
THAT is a really big deal.  It's been fabulous.
And, it's given us all a bit of time to do some of the things that the last heavy month of cooking hasn't allowed...visiting friends and playing with the kids at 4:30 and making food for FUN and resting a bit!
We started teaching this week, Haiti's new president was inaugurated this week, the girls have been busy at school and the team has been getting tons of projects done...a roof on the shop and a power/well thing I don't understand and garden-work.  Every chance they get, the girls are alongside and helping...such a gift to have some "for-hire" grandparents for the week!  The team even did an English conversation night with our students.

The team even watched the kids after church today so we could go out for lunch WITHOUT snacks, trips to the bathroom, carseats, sippy cups, books and meltdowns!  It was awesome!

Speaking of church, this morning we headed to Micheline's church in Plain du Nord, and it was a really great service.  Micheline's family is so special, and her church family is, too.  

Matt had the opportunity to preach, and preached from Mark 6 and 8 about the similarities and differences and meaning behind the feeding of the 4000 and the 5000, and about the body of Christ being for EVERYONE, but only satisfying to the hungry.  

Really good Sunday.

But it was ALSO a great day because after 10 years of trying, I finally got a clear picture of the always impressive coffin on a motorcycle, which in missionary world, is worth 500 points.  

Nora, moving off to college.


  1. Love the fact that the team has been cooking for you! How cool!

    1. yeah, it REALLY is...they've been cooking for like 23. Really, really good pause for ALL of us!! (and good community dinners!)