17 February 2017

fun fifty

I'm so tired I could fall over, so this is going to be short...but after a really crazy week, today was the biggest event of this year of celebrating 50 years of empowering Christ-like leaders for His change in Haiti through Emmaus Biblical Seminary...

EBS staff, students and recent alumni playing La Presse, Cap-Haitian's soccer league.  

You'd be hard pressed to find a little boy in Northern Haiti who has NOT dreamed about one day playing soccer professionally for a team like La Presse...and that little kid came out in ALL our staff and students getting ready for today's big game.  
Everyone's been practicing hard, hundreds of people came out for the game (not only staff, students, and tons of alumni and family and friends, but also many members of all the other OMS ministries in Haiti...Bethesda Clinic, Starfish Kids, ECC, Radio 4VEH, Cowman School).
It was an AWESOME fun time of community for everyone, everyone had a great time, and we played SO WELL!

La Presse quickly learned that the match wasn't going to be a joke, and while they ALMOST scored several times, so did we...and in the end we all headed home zero-zero.  While it would have been amazing to have a goal, it was pretty amazing that La Presse DIDN'T have one either!
Personally, tonight was more fun than Matt or I had had in a really long time.  Seeing so many of the men and women we love and have invested much of our lives and hearts in all together, and enjoying the afternoon together, was priceless.  

For a few hours, everyone was young again, dreaming great soccer dreams, not worrying about the many difficulties of life in Haiti...the many difficulties of life in general...not worrying about how to make all the ends meet, but just enjoying the friendships the last 50 years God through Emmaus has brought, the glorious beauty of His day, and the great love of the game.


and going to bed.

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