04 January 2017

steady on

We decided to ring in the new year with fevers, coughs and runny noses...so I've been playing catch up!

Despite fevering all day and being unable to eat a thing the entire day, Lily declared her birthday, "The best day ever" so that is a win :)  She had so much fun with her friends and simply loves being loved on and all things "special".
Learning how to use Pop-Pop's old iPod...this girl is so anxious to be a teenager, I swear.
By the time all the girls and their friends fell asleep at 10:30, I knew I was catching the bad cold Matt had been fighting with!  So thankful for this dear girl...can't believe how much she's grown and how much she feels and cares and understands.  This girl thinks and feels like her mama (poor thing :) but got her daddy's brains, and has a better sense of direction than both of us put together!  More, she loves Jesus and cares very much about His heart for others, and I just love learning with her!  EIGHT.  

Meanwhile, today was EBS's first day back open, which meant kicking off the day with a big 'ole staff meeting.  I have missed seeing everyone every day and it's good to be back at it, though we are all a bit daunted by JANUARY.  

Not only are there tons of visitors, professors, classes and Master's courses in January, but we are also celebrating our 50th!!  EBS was founded the start of 1967, and by God's amazing grace it has now been FIFTY years of His faithfulness, sustaining and SENDING!

Celebrating 50 years kicks off this Sunday with a huge church service with alumni and friends, then Monday will start the new semester and hold a huge thanksgiving service at Emmaus...followed by events throughout the year like community clean-up projects, special services, a soccer game, a radio broadcast, and lots of other plans.

Visitors start arriving Friday, and school for everyone (including the girls) starts back up Monday, so this week is dedicated to getting better and getting in gear!

Get into the Word this new year....He will be the stability of our times!  The more we read and learn what He has to say, the more grounded we are in who HE is and who we are in Him...not tossed about by every wind and wave, but steady and grounded in He who will prevail.

Aside: If you don't have a Bible and/or if you can't get your hands on My Utmost for His Highest by O. Chambers, please please email me...I would LOVE to hook you up. I've got nothing to offer sweeter or more life changing than God's Word!

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