22 January 2017

His heart

It's been a wild ride of classes and visitors and getting the semester well underway...and trying to get better (and we almost are!).  This weekend we traded out our visitors for new ones, so thankful to have had Jerry and Larry, Brooks and Rachel, and to be keeping Pam for another class.  Mark and Aline and Gail arrived Saturday, Bob on Monday and Rick and Carol Tuesday!
As I'm scrambling to keep up and keep cooking and keep schooling and keep working, I wait all day for my time with Jesus, which continues to be smack in the middle of the day to grab a deep spiritual (and physical) breath.

Chambers asked me this Saturday, and I've been praying He'll search me and show me ever since:

Does everything in my life fill His heart with gladness, or do I constantly complain because things don't seem to be going my way?  

A person who has forgotten what God treasures will not be filled with joy.  It is wonderful to remember that Jesus Christ has needs which we can meet--"Give me a drink" (John 4:7). 

How much kindness have I shown Him this week?  Has my life been  a good reflection on His reputation?
What stuck me was the idea of every single corner of my heart and mind and life filling Him with gladness...the realization that I spend far more time thinking about what fills MY heart with gladness vs. what fills HIS heart with gladness...and the reality that we even CAN fill His heart with gladness.
This shouldn't be a novel idea, just as it is easy for my girls to fill my heart with joy.
What corners of my heart and life and emotions and actions and words and spirit are not yet turned to Him but still bent in on myself?  What parts of my speech and beliefs and standards and motives and judgements have yet to fill His heart with gladness?

He has more to do in me, still...and my prayer that He might truly make every corner of my life His home, for His purpose and His joy, is renewed...

Bill preached for the first time today in Creole, and did a fabulous job!  very proud of all his hard hard work and Christ through him!
This is one of the ways you keep girlies quiet and entertained in three hour church services :)

Nora loves her Joel-y!
I pray for you, friends...as we live for His Glory in so many different places,  together.

I've been realizing from a few questions lately that we've been here too long now for me to think to talk about things that I see as common place but that you might think interesting or bizarre...So, if you EVER have any questions, comment or email them, and I'll blog about them!

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