10 December 2016

waiting and thanking

These last few days have been so very full that I'm going to spread this post out a few days!

Our God is a good God to wait upon.

How often have I wondered if this would be the time...if perhaps this would be the time that I would be waiting for God to meet me, to know me, to answer me, to draw close...and perhaps He would not.

That time is not coming.

My heavens, are there long seasons of waiting, even to the point of being unsure that we can hang in there.

But God evens helps us then...helps us wait for Him, His way, His time.

So thankful for His thick-presence these past few days and for how God meets us through His children...how He chooses to use us for each other, for His glory.

Just what we have needed, He has provided these last few days.

If you're waiting...wondering...keep on.
Friday morning I was in the middle of grading exams when a few second year students asked me to come to the library for a moment.  I was as confused as the other professors when we found each other in the library, along with all of the first and second year class.

The classes had a program printed out and a whole service prepared.
It was such a joy to hear their insights on the semester, to have them share what it is they love about Bill's teaching style, about FanFan's approach to Hebrew, about the way Belony is always quick to pray with them, about how Jodenel helps them not only keep their account with the school clear, but helps them with their personal and church finances, as well.  
It was a joy to sit for a few moments and to hear what was on their hearts, to see them celebrate the men and women who are pouring into them, to hear them echo all the elements of family and faith they have found at Emmaus.
This has never happened before, and we were all just so touched and encouraged.

Then, there was a time for drinks and snacks, all that the classes had purchased and more jokes and stand-up.
Finally, the students asked all of the professors to stand in a circle in the middle, and they stood all around us to pray for us.
Praying in Haiti always begins with singing, and His presence was so thick in this precious time of lifting our voices in prayer and praise.

Then all the students prayed for us, in the traditional way of all praying, out loud, at the same time.

Have you ever just NEEDED good and prayed for?  Not just knowing it, but hearing it? Feeling it? Seeing it?  I've been needing it, and it was with such a full-full heart that He meets us through the honor of our brother and sisters prayers.  
So thankful for this group and the sweet gesture of their gratitude...even when they are tired, even when they're doing final exams, even when they are busy.

Wait on the Lord...and then keep waiting.   He will be found.

Thank someone today, overkill. 

Pray for someone today...out loud, hand on their shoulder, for them to hear,

drawing near with boldness to the throne of sweet grace.

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