05 December 2016

good things

It's been an exciting couple of days...both full of activity and health struggles and lots of good things.

Antibiotics, Emergen-C and trying to rest has finally defeated my strep throat, and I am so thankful to finally be feeling myself again.  Nora's bad cold finally seems to be alleviating, but she's developed some kind virus with open sores on her little body, which may also now be a secondary infection like chicken pox or something.  I don't know.  Very thankful for help from a continually gracious doctor trying to get all this sorted and treated through email.

Last Wednesday was the annual end-of-the year staff vs. students basketball game...both fun and beautiful...what a setting!
Friday was our end of the year Christmas party for the students, which is always so much fun, and this year included singing competitions, basketball and soccer matches, relay races, and stand up comedy.  I had NO idea Matt was down for joke telling, but he expertly transformed one of his favorite jokes about men golfing around God's precious ducks in Heaven into a soccer and chickens joke, and had us all in tears.  This man is a jack of all trades, folks.
baby Joel was entirely un-phased by all of the laughter and loud music
I really have grown to love Emmaus parties.  Appreciating them takes a large amount of cultural appreciation, but there is nothing better than to relish the great fun the staff and students have...in a country where "fun" is often so very unattainable.

Thursday Elisa and Deb arrived, and Friday evening I hosted 14 other missionary women from the area for dinner and then Elisa and Deb kicked off our women's art therapy weekend by taking about some of the ways God uses art and music and creativity to draw us to Himself.  We worked through a project together that evening, and then Saturday morning all spent the day at the beach with Deb and Elisa leading a devotional time that led into using art to search out God in this season and place in our lives.  It was all just a great (and incredibly RARE) time of community, sharing, resting and searching and counsel...very thankful.
I'm also thankful that we had Deb and Elisa for Sunday, for a day of Sabbath and to enjoy their friendship before they leave today :(

This week is finals week, along with afternoon Indiana Wesleyan's master's program taking place.  Lots of testing, lots of grading, lots of wrapping up and finalizing, and today Matt will preach the last chapel service of the year...how can that be?

Sickness always throws me all off, but I am taking every small and quiet space and finding His grace...very thankful.

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