26 December 2016

giving and loving and Jesus

It was a wonderful weekend of good food and good friends and good gifts.

While watching "The Grinch Stole Christmas" a few nights ago, Sofie asked what was wrong with the Grinch.  I explained that the Grinch just didn't know what Christmas was all about.

Sof looked confused, so I asked her what she thought Christmas was all about, and she said, "loving and giving."

"No, silly," Lily butted in, "It's about JESUS."

It was a beautiful moment by the Christmas tree, sharing with them how right they both are...that Christmas is exactly about God loving them so very much, and giving...giving Jesus, so that we can love and give Jesus, too.

As we watched the Nativity Story on Christmas Eve like we always do, I was overwhelmed again by the truth of that reality...and what a crazy love!

It's been a joy to celebrate that crazy love of Christmas with Matt's parents and our families and friends here.  We had an American traditional Christmas yesterday at home, and then a Haitian traditional Christmas today, driving all over the place and visiting friends, giving little gifts, praying with our friends and their families, from downtown Cap-Haitien to the top of the mountains.

Here's some pix from the past days!  Hope you had many wonderful and meaningful moments of loving and giving this Christmas, because of His loving and giving.

We redid the girls bedroom as their Christmas gift...they are loving it :)

Nora, "helping" me finish the girl's dresser...


  1. their walls are about the same color as Charlotte's!

  2. Your family is the sweetest. I just love that last photo of you and Nora. <3