01 December 2016


Josie-dear went into labor at the hospital last night and gave birth to a perfect little girl.

They held her and named her Daniella, for "just as Daniel overcame many struggles before he was lifted up, it was our thought that Daniella overcame many struggles before she was.  We thought it would be a good name for her life. But maybe it is a good name for her death."

Her little heart was good as gold, but there is nothing available here for a baby so young, with lungs so underdeveloped.  Maybe there isn't anywhere, I don't know.   The doctors took her and told them there was no hope, and sent Josie home.

Just a few days ago, a well known co-worker at OMS was rushing his 40 week pregnant wife to the hospital when she wasn't feeling quite right, and she never made it to the hospital.  And it was too late when they did get there for the baby.

Joab, on the rim of meeting his daughter, instead is now alone.  He is on all of our hearts, but I know his great loss was pressing heavy on Claudin.

"I thank the Lord that my wife is ok, I'm thankful she's home, I'm thankful she is alive." Claudin said.

"I guess," he said with simple faith "That if it was God's will for us have Daniella, then even if she was born at 28 weeks, she would have lived.  Even if everything had gone wrong, she would still be here with us. If she was what God had for us, then we would have her.  And since we don't, I can only believe that that was NOT what God had, and so we'll praise the Lord all the same, for doing and allowing what He saw as best.  So, this was still a victory."

YES, that is what he just told me. TODAY.  IN the moment.

Thank you so incredibly much for praying for and helping this little family of faith with us.  I continue to be deeply moved and inspired by their unwavering faith, and have great hope for the day when all these struggles are overcome.

So we wait, and we trust, and we pray.


  1. I had to re-read this to understand. Praying still for Josie and Claudin and baby Christie. Their faith is quite amazing. And sweet Daniella - with our Savior, luckiest of all.

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  3. praying for you and yours- ALL of yours... personal, OMS and Haitian families...
    may God continue to bless and encourage you in ALL situations...
    it may not be easy, but we know HE does reign, HE is able to use all for His good, HE is ALWAYS with us and Never leaves... His love is Great and continual... He is our caring, loving, comforting FATHER...

  4. Stacey, I am broken hearted for Josie and Claudin but what a testimony they have of their faith and their trust in the Lord. It would be so easy to be angry and bitter and lose hope but because they KNOW HIM they know that whatever happens He is in control and must remain strong in Him. Their faith is an example to all of us! I will continue to pray for them and Joab....I can't even imagine what he is going through. Praying for daily strength and hope despite the pain and sadness.