16 December 2016

awe and gratitude

Sweet Sofie had her last day of school yesterday, Lily today...they are both sick, and sniffly and tired, but we have officially made it.  
This brave woman is Madame Junet, and she teaches 19 kiddos, all as busy, ornery, sweet, happy, complicated and loud as Sofie.  NONE of them can sit still in their seats.  
I am always so impressed by anyone who teaches small children.  ALL men and women who teach small children deserve all kinds of respect, awe and vacation...and then can you imagine doing it with NO electricity? oh my heavens

Kids Alive (where Sofie goes to school and where most of her classmates live) is such a special place.  Very thankful to have her loving and learning there and for Madame Junet!

Today was EBS's last day open as well, and we are (almost) caught up...everyone is ready for some rest!  

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