10 November 2016

hope remains

It's hard to believe that a little thing like rain could mean so many big things. But when you drive through Haiti on the charging rivers that used to be roads, when you see people standing on second-story islands, when you see homes up to their roofs in water, when schools and businesses are all closed, when you see garbage and sewage and mud and rocks charging through people's lives, when it takes dozens of men to push you through just coming from the airport, when the huddles of children have nothing left that is dry or warm, and when they are the children of friends and family...It's a big thing.

I know everyone is tired of hearing about Haiti and it's multitudes of complicated difficulties.

Trust me, Haiti is tired of being heard of, too.

What a wonder to worship and follow a God who NEVER grows tired of hearing from a soggy, gray and hurting world, a God who NEVER grows tired of being at work.

Listen to me, family.
It does not matter what the world looks like out the window of your heart today...
He never grows tired of hearing from brokenness, He never grows tired of being at work.
Do we trust Him?  DO WE TRUST HIM?
Does it LOOK like we do to the gray world around?
Does it SOUND like we do?

Hope remains.

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  1. Elaine HeplerNovember 10, 2016

    Oh my, Do they have a type of monsoon season at certain times of the year? Pray for you and Haiti every day. God be with you. Elaine from NBEPC