12 October 2016

breathing in

Our friend Brett returned from the southwest a few days ago and filled us in on what he saw...tons of trees down, entire areas without any roofs...there are even more complications than we had realized, including far increased gang activity alongside all roads to the worst-hit areas, stealing money and supplies from trucks bringing in aid.

Several of our staff and students have extended family in these regions, Junel is heading down to see his father in Jeremie this weekend...and it's just a good weekend for fall break, a few extra days off for travel and family and prayer and rest.  These have been heavy-on-our-hearts days....It's incredibly hard to know that many are struggling greatly not far (as the crow flies) and yet incredibly far away (it took Brett far more than 12 hours to get there)...and to know people are struggling, and that darkness continues to seek to destroy.

Mission after mission is saying the same thing...everyone wants to help, everyone wants to help well, everyone is struggling to know HOW.

Please continue to pray.
But life hasn't stopped, not even a little.  Here's what we've been up to...

Noel and her family of I-can-never-seem-to-figure-out-HOW-many live here, without much opportunity to improve life for their family.  After Noel graduated from high school and was sitting at home, another mouth to feed, she told us she'd like to be a nurse, and we committed to her then that we would help her do it.

And by God's grace she did! This past week she graduated, and we are praying for a good job and a way to help her family! 

Gertha's sister-in-law graduated too!

Sunday, we drove through town at 6:30 am to worship with graduate Viony.  He is a special man, and it is reflected in the men and women in his church.  It was a joy to be with them, and Matt preached on the order of salvation...
Nora made a fabulous friend with this little boy and they chased each other around the back of the church the entire service.  Nora has recently decided she is no longer a baby, and no longer needs help, with anything :)

Back at home and sweating Sunday afternoon turned into this wonderful idea...
Monday, back to classes...
I continue to be SO thankful that I worked through my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification last year...it's brought out so many new ideas and different methods for this year. Yes, I am spending FAR more time outside of the classroom preparing lessons, forming exercises and making posters...but it's been GOOD...and already I can tell such improvement in our students.  

Matt's introduction to Old Testament class is well underway as well. So much of his job is administration that he loves being in the classroom on Tuesdays!

Tonight Granny joined us for dinner, and after finishing her chicken, Lily ran off to her desk and came back with these drawings for Gran.  The first is of her drinking blended spaghetti with Granny in the cafeteria (one of her favorite things to do) and the second is of her and Gran (whom all the students call Vayant, which means Overseer) surfing.
Granny was tickled pink.  So thankful to have such sweet family in our lives....all the way back since before Lily was in her arms.
Meanwhile, another one of the projects I was just telling you about JUST was completed...Fev finally has a well, right next to the church...Living Water and fresh water, too.  Praising the Lord for this miracle, for the many new and growing believers in Fev, for the students and alumni still faithfully working there, for them men and women who made this possible. 
So we're just going to keep on praising...keep on praying...keep on trusting...keep on listening attentively.

Please be praying for our group of 12 this weekend, evangelizing, discipling, relationship-ing and church planting in Dufou!  THANK YOU!

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