27 October 2016

Aunt Sharon is beautifully here and the girls have quickly jumped into the sweet life of having a grandma, giving them little gifts and reading with them and snuggling them in the mornings and being full of grace and patience.

That gift alone is a great gift to this mama...so thankful for His practical love through Aunt Sharon.

Matt is having a very full time, both with God's presence and with opportunities to preach, share, teach, testify and fellowship with the many staff and students of Houghton College.  We are grateful for the freedom we have, both here in Haiti and there in New York to preach and live the Gospel freely and boldly, and for God's powerful help in doing so.

I am a grateful lady today working on all the many month end balances and tasks.  Thank you for your prayers for us, especially as we are apart in His World, in His hands!

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