23 September 2016

the week

We made it!!!  If I hold onto Jesus for dear life, we are living out some beautiful poured out days...but man, by the end of the week this chick is beat!  I'm sure I've mentioned on here that early mornings are NOT my happy place, but this is just a stage in life of early mornings to get it all in there!
Welcome, residential courses!  

SEVENTEEN different classes were taught this week, with some great teachers, lots of wonderful students, and some exciting, transforming content!

This is my deer-in-the-headlights English one class.  Most of them blink blankly to the question, "How are you?" so we have our work cut out for us!  Fluent or not, I was really liking the spirit of encouragement, humility and desire to learn of this first year class of 14!
Today Bill preached in chapel, so Julie and the kids joined us, too.  I know I haven't talked much about the Edlers on here, but it is so good to have them living next door, and to have Bill teaching three of those 17 courses!
Mixed into the week was visitors from Wales/England, Taco Tuesday, prayer meeting (in which we are going through studies of cults this year, and why we believe what we believe as Christ-followers...and why that is so important!) homeschool, French homework, workouts (if it were not for Emily inspiring me to sweat, like, more than usual every day, I would be the weakest chick on planet earth...now I'm probably like the 10th weakest), preparing for classes, carpooling, skyping with our dear NorthRidge prayer team and today with my sister and nieces, lots and lots of cooking and baking, and WHEW, even a game night.

My grandma Gladys sent the girls each a new dress this week, and all three of them lost it (our girls, living in a no-target, no-WalMart, no-grocery store world, are VERY very easy to excite when it comes to clothes!)  My grandma has awesome taste, and even Nora was just delirious over having a cute new dress :)

You have no idea how much strength and encouragement we gain from your prayers and emails and help.  THANK YOU.

Tomorrow is our day of rest this weekend, and Sunday, our day of adventure...

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