01 September 2016

recapturing the art of hospitality

Oh man.

You know when you stumble across something a little interesting, and as soon as you dig deeper it's revolutionizing?  Paying attention to Francis got me paying attention to the discipleship making site http://www.vergenetwork.org

And it's really good.  (In other words, I'm going to be driving you crazy about this for a while.)

The discipleship blueprint they take you through talks about recapturing the art of hospitality, not for Martha Stewart reasons or in Martha Stewart ways, but for true life-on-life discipleship.

I learned crazy hospitality in Haiti not because I was looking to, but because it was do or die.

How to feed 12 people at once in a country where you have to make almost everything from scratch while you sweat. How to balance meaningful dinner conversation with toddler bath-time.  How to set my mind on things above while washing mountains of dishes. How to have people living in our home almost all the time, to let our guards down, to have no space sacred, to hold everything loosely, to be grateful and to grow and to be quick-and-true family.

And as I see how powerfully God can use our homes and dinner tables and morning hair for His glory...as I have seen how powerfully God has used other's homes and tables and morning hair in OUR lives...it excites me.

Practicing hospitality might not be so natural--or necessary--as it has been for us, but Dhati asks a question in this video that is so powerful and must be answered:

"How are we using our houses as a weapon for the Gospel?"

What a powerful thought, and an exciting one.  We CAN.

I think of our home and your home (times all of you reading!) and THAT is a lot of true life-on-life discipleship opportunities...listen in to be challenged and for some powerful practical ways to not just exchange information of Christ with people, but to share Him.

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