29 September 2016

birthday boy

Today is Matty's birthday, and we had such a nice day at work, a yummy dinner thanks to a steak randomly found in downtown Cap-Haitien, and a fun pumpkin pie party with friends.
His gift was a poster of a piece of artwork that he's been wanting for several years...and of course, after ordering it and getting it to Florida, and then being delivered to Cap-Haitien, it was stolen before it made it to Emmaus. Ah, se la vie.   Dirty is why we are here.

SO, I felt badly that there would be no gifts this year...but Phil made up for it by hand making him this lovely keepsake, a double framed photo box of both he and Matt at 13 years old, entitled "Besties."  We were all laughing so hard.  

Some Starbucks coffee his mom sent weeks ago came yesterday, and even a hilarious shirt from my sister...so in the end, all was well, and he had an awful lot of love to boot! 
Artwork all the same :)

Very very thankful for Matt in our lives.  We've been through a very many much these years of pumpkin pie together, and I am so thankful for Christ in Matt, and Matt for us!
Happy Birthday, Matty!

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