07 September 2016

back to school prayers

Monday was a different kind of Labor Day for Emmaus, the kick-off of our second set of intensives.  Everything has started well (aside from a rather ill visiting professor, who also has the unique joy of resting and recuperating in a house with three small girls :)

Dr. Bryan Easley and Dr. Gail Longbotham are joint-teaching the Intro to New Testament course for our first year class, as well as the Theories and Practice of Leadership course to our 20 masters students. 
Dr. Leroy Lindsey is back teaching our Doctrine of Holiness class again, with Leme at his side.
Pastor Dave Strope (the pastor of one of Phil and Emily's home churches) is here teaching for the first time, Psalms to our fourth year students.  Heat is not his forte, but so far he says he's having a blast.
Meanwhile, after classes were finished for yesterday, I took the girls to Sofie's school to make sure we were set for the first day of school Thursday.  Very sadly, Sofie's very best friend at Kids Alive! left this summer, and she is really struggling through the idea of returning to school without Naelle.  She also will no longer have our friend Erin as her professor, but instead will be in Kindergarten with Madame Junet, and 14 students instead of 7.  This is all big transition for a girlie like Sof, and she's nervous.
So, we went and hung out a bit yesterday to help get her a bit more settled.  Nora has NONE of the shyness issues that Sofie has :)
This will be Sofie's new room.  We weren't able to meet Madame Junet, but God's just filling my heart with prayer, and asking me to keep on trusting Him.  Pray with us as Sofie sets out on this new school year, will you?
Meanwhile, Matt's been waiting to hear about when he will be called in to defend his doctoral thesis, and received word this week that the big day is November 1.  We're trying to get that arranged for, as that he will once again have to travel to England for this date, and is already scheduled to speak at Houghton University the last week of October.  Hopefully we can make it all work and then he will. be. finished!  

Sofie told me the other day that soon Daddy will be a doctor, but not the kind that gives you shots, but a "soul doctor." I'm pretty sure she's gotten that from somewhere :)

Thank you for bathing us always in prayer!  

Lily starts school Monday, Matt and I both start teaching on the 19th, and we're just one-day-at-a-timing it, watching Him work and working to be the kind of people He is glorified to work through.

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