26 July 2016

the marathon

Saturday we drove from Philadelphia, stopped in to see my grandma one more time, and then headed a bit North to New Bedford, home of Aunt Lori and a big old family that has well hemmed us in since they found us in 2006.  We so love and cherish our time at New Bedford Evangelical Presbyterian Church and with the Smith family and friends...such faithful support and love and prayer they have been all these years!

Matt was able to preach their services and share during a Q&A breakfast, and we were able to spend some time with family after church.  Aunt Lori has absolutely been one of the prayer warriors of my time...and of my children.  So thankful for Lori, Tim, June, Shelley, Ron, Pastor Doug, Kim, Debi, Judi, Jean & Ted...and from the many at New Bedford who read our blog, and use it to PRAY.  The list goes on and on.

The next day, I finally got to meet baby Payton! Molly and Trish have been dear friends since high school, and it was so wonderful to catch up with them, to play with Sam and to finally meet baby girl.  The girls adored her, but none as much as Nora did :)  She loves her some babies.   After spending such good time with my sister and her babies, and then with friends and their babies, it's just hard all over again...wanting to be a daily part of their lives and being unable to.  Breaks my heart with the little ones :(

Today was a crazy day of four crazy-long dentist appointments, and 2 annual check-ups for the older girls.  Which means that tomorrow is a total of 2 fillings, a root canal, Nora's 1 year appointment and 3 vaccinations.  Doing all these at once is...awful-stressful-expensive-not fun.

Trying to be thankful to HAVE medical care.  We are.  Remind me of that during the root canal.

Meanwhile, we're trying to both pack for our one week missions conference, to one week with Matt's family, straight to Haiti...and trying to finish all the millions of little details of packing up and getting out of dad's house.  I simply don't know how in the world we're going to get it all done before Friday morning.

Breathing, trusting, praying...thank you!


  1. We are praying Stace!!! Love you!

  2. Oh, the hours we spent together are so cherished. Praying for all the details to go well as you edge closer and closer to home.