01 June 2016

flying by

Thank you for praying for my friend today...her son's surgery went well, but there is still a lot to overcome.  So thankful that He Who Doesn't Sleep is with them tonight.

A few nights ago, a dragon fruit plant Phil's been tending to for a long time finally bloomed...it only blooms at night, and for one night only.  While we were all teasing him for being like Mr. Wilson, waiting forever for his once in a lifetime bloom, we all headed out anyway and it really was SO COOL.  And smelled SO fragrant.  God, man.
If He makes intricate, unreproducible huge blossoms that only shine for ONE night, unseen...man.  He must care about us.  He must be able to do unbelievable things.
Our fair lady Rachel is here, and what a heart for kiddos she has!  The girls adore her, of course, and I got so sick the morning after she got here that I'm not sure how we would have made it to today without her!
After being so sick for far too long, powerful stomach virus meds did it again, and today was a whole new Stacey.  SO. THANKFUL.

The good news of being almost unable to get out of bed for two days was that I cranked out the rest of my English certification and finished!  First goal of the summer...check.  

Nora-girl is 10 months old today and everywhere and in everything and refusing to miss out on ANYthing.  She is babbling up a storm (we're still waiting for that "quiet" child :) and is always incredibly busy...eating my food, her food, everyone's food, and then searching the floor for more food.  She will talk your ear off, and it is just too cute.  Thankful she loves Rachel, too!
When we realized today that even Nora's arm is darker than Rachel's legs. 

We were on our very rainy way home from prayer meeting tonight when we saw a drenched truck of foreigners...only to realize that it was OUR drenched truck of foreigners.  
This team has been a lot of fun, and I'm especially thankful for their soft and wise hearts...anxious to love well and to give Jesus above themselves.  We've all been enjoying the fellowship with them, and Phil and Emily are such rockstars at caring for teams.  Very thankful for His body.

The days are flying.

Our dear Sofie turns 5 on Saturday, and lately life feels like it's so full and busy and fast.

If He were not our rock.
If He were not my quiet retreat.
If He were not unchanging.
If He were not full of grace and lovingkindess...
ah, I would be lost.

So thankful He IS.

Take courage.

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