27 June 2016

boxes and girlies

The last few days have been busy ones...

We are through all of our family's things, have taken many trips to Good Will and the dump and to my dad's new basement, have managed to keep the girls all entertained in the middle of madness (much due to my dear friend Bex who brought her hedgehog and craft basket) and have now started  in on Mom's things.  My goodness, what a lot of memories. 
We took Sunday as our Sabbath, Matt preached at Grace Church, and shared a bit on Haiti, and our dear friends the Millers came, too!  I had no idea they would be there and they had me all teared up.  I admit, it's not super hard to do these days, but man, it was so good to be with people who have known and loved me my whole life, and knew and loved my parents most of theirs, too!

Kiddos often make the job a lot harder to get done...but they always make it more fun.  So grateful for the joy they bring!

Sunday we were supposed to swim, but these Haitian girls just think America is still far too cold for swimming.  Finally, Lily designed this water-free raft system so she could float and be warm :)

I've gone through what feels like a million pictures the last few days, bringing back just as many memories...
I am very thankful to have had such a loving and happy childhood with such a focus on being loved by Christ and on loving others well.  Realizing now what a ministry of my mom and dad's WE were growing up makes ministering to my own children now feel like such a rich opportunity instead of humdrum or monotonous.  

My sister and her girlies come tomorrow, and I can't WAIT to get our hands on those nieces!!!  Poor Matt will be outnumbered 8 to 1 by tomorrow, and doing all the heavy moving and lifting, and trying to be a rock for overly emotional girls, and I'm not talking about Lily and Sofie :)  He could use your prayers.

The Lord is so good, and when we bumped into a friend tonight and she found out we were packing and asked all same questions I've been asking myself, I was so grateful to find within myself a true confidence that God will take care of our family.  Period.  I may be emotional...but I'm not worried.  It may be hard, but it is not without hope.  

Thankful to always be tasting and seeing that He is good.

Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. Sounds like you are making progress! Glad to hear