04 June 2016


We named her Sofia, Wisdom. But then it didn't feel like wisdom those first few years. It felt like like a colicky baby who truly never. stopped. crying and it felt like constant frustration and it felt like I could never understand her, like she could never be understood.
It's now I realize that when we talk about Wisdom, it's HIS. When we ask for it, it's of HIM. If we understood it, it would be man's understanding...not wisdom. And THANK YOU, Lord, in His great wisdom, He gave us So-So, a child so deep and wide and sweet and sassy that suddenly we understand what it is to be His children, we understand His grace, in a whole new way...fallen-short and dearly loved.
She LOVES to share, she cares how you feel, she cares for every creature ever made and she loves her friends and family fiercely. She canNOT be persuaded if she doesn't want to be, she will NOT keep her skirt or shoes on, she will NOT stay in her seat, she will insist continually that she cannot do or find anything she simply wants YOU to do or find, and when scorned or scared or wronged or if she wrongs you...she covers her ears, closes her eyes, yells and runs as far away as she can. She is passionate about everything she does and everyone in her life, and her grin and giggle and top-of-her-lungs songs LIGHT UP your life.
No matter HOW challenging the day with Sof has been, at night Matt and I lay in bed laughing over her spunky self, loving her fiercely and privileged to be given the gift of discipling Sofia Lovely...for FIVE whole years. 
Grateful for His wisdom.

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