21 May 2016


We are heading off on another adventure bright and early tomorrow morning...heading to Port-au-Prince (Sofie and Nora's first time to the capital city and Lily's first since she was a baby!)  We'll be driving through all of Haiti to get there, joined by Lily's "BBBBBBBFF" Ethan and Haylie-girl.  Can't wait to spend a few days with Greg and Cathie, the Dad and Mom who took me in at 18 and helped God put Haiti in my heart....then in Matt's.  They should know our girls better than they do, and I'm thankful for this chance to GET there.  100 miles...8 hours.  Please be praying for our trip, especially in light of continued political unrest.  One day, Haiti will again have a president.
This adventure pales in comparison to my sweet niece's current adventure in Iceland...
I mean, how adorable is she!!!
We were also sad to see Andrew's adventure in Haiti close today...Nora, especially, who adores "Turtle."  So thankful for the three months he spent with us, serving the Lord through Emmaus, and PRAYING as he sets out on this next adventure!
The day was also blessed by these adorable girls ballet recital, held in the chapel and just so much fun.  Lily was as serious as a heart attack and has been excited for 2 weeks.  Sofie stood in the corner and twirled and whirled and grinned to her own little dance in her own little Sofie world.  

They were all just adorable and had such a blast...THANK YOU, Miss Erin!

But the best part of the day was celebrating Emily's birthday!  SO THANKFUL for God bringing this family into our lives, and for the sister Emily is to me.  
Nora LOVES to swim, just like her fish-sisters.

Excited to share more of this beautiful country and it's people and more of our family with Lily, Sofie and Nora tomorrow...and with you!

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