30 March 2016

to face Jesus at every turn

As always, God is good to meet my heart right where it's at...His Word is so alive and timely.

"A Christian worker's greatest need is a readiness to face Jesus Christ at any and every turn.  This is not easy.  This battle is not against sin, difficulties, or circumstances, but against being so absorbed in our service to Jesus Christ that we are not ready to face Jesus Himself at every turn.  Our greatest need is...to face Him.

He appears where we least expect Him, and always in the most illogical situations.  This sense of expectation will give our life the attitude of childlike wonder He wants it to have."

Then I read through Luke 24 and the road to Emmaus...and how they spoke and listened to Jesus for quite a while before He handed them bread and their eyes were opened and they recognized Him...If only they had been waiting with readiness to face Jesus at any turn!

As we live in the realities of life in a very dark and needy world...our greatest need is to face Him.  Not to know what to always do.  Not to know how to always give.  Not to worry about where the money will come from or how it will be spent.  Not to always know how to help.  Our greatest need is still just to face Him.

I spent a lot of time today doing just that...I'd joke that He's probably tired of hearing my voice today, but as I never tire from the sweet voices of my girls, reaching out to me for comfort and help and guidance, I know He never does, either.

Who knows the depth of poverty and brokenness and need better than our Lord?  Who knows what trials we face in our hearts and lives better than our God?  Who knows where we, and others are, more intimately than our heavenly Father?

So let's be right in His path...and ready to face Him at every turn.

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