07 March 2016

steady perseverance

"The thing that really testifies for God and for the people of God in the long run is steady perseverance, even when the work cannot be seen by others. 
The only way to live an undefeated life is to live looking to God."

- O Chambers

I wasn't so sure Saturday night about a 7:30 am service Sunday morning...but when Sofie woke me up at 5:45 (in her underwear and large pink bunny ears), I rolled over to my morning O. Chambers and that was what I read.

Long run, steady perseverance, undefeated life, looking to God.

It got me out of bed even better than coffee (though coffee soon after greatly helped with the steady perseverance  :) and I've had it in my mind all day.  

The only way to live and undefeated life is to live looking to God.

As we got everybody ready and out the door, as we drove through village after village, as we worshiped, as we visited, as we picked up a few things at the gas station, went to the pool, spent our evening together...looking to God in EVERY thing.  Deliberately.  

It IS the only way to live each moment undefeated...looking to the One whom already holds victory, turning our eyes His direction, deliberately, in each circumstance.  

Thankful for that TRUTH today as I find myself looking quite needily to Him.

While Sunday School started at 6 am, we skipped that and got to church right as the main service was starting at 7:30.  Sharon has been long time friends with Prudence and Pradel, and while I've met them a few times, this was the first opportunity I've ever had to go to their church in Lory!
And it was such a gift. 
The choir was awesome, bold and beautiful four-part harmony.  Not a lot of churches in Haiti, either, still do the large choir thing...it was breathtaking.  
Then Prudence of course was very anxious for Sharon to greet the church, and hearing each woman talk about the testimony of Christ the other has been in each of their lives was so powerful.
I was blessed to be a part of worshipping with these special ladies.  The history of partnership for Christ in Haiti runs deep and wide...

We even got a tour of the new school, and the girls got to make some new friends.
...new friends who then got to hear passionate stories about Sofie's new shoes, her blister, her bandaid, and how they are just like ballerina shoes.  
It was also my first chance to hear Pastor Pradel preach, and his earnest heart and practical application of God's Word also touched me.
Wilbens is only on his third week of his internship ministering at Prudence and Pradels, but it was so cool to see him at work and to see them partnering together.  Just last week, Levy shared with me in his first-year interview that it was Wilbens work ethic and character in his home church that made Levy's pastor send him to Emmaus.  "I don't care where you go to Seminary as long as you go to wherever Wilbens goes!" his pastor told him.  As I shared that with Wilbens yesterday, he said, "Yes, and it was Romual's (third year student) character and work in MY chuch that made my pastor send ME to Emmaus!"

It was neat to realize that in most cases, it is our current students' testimonies God is using as marketing for Emmaus!

After church we swung home and picked up the rest of our crew and headed to the pool for a few hours...

Another fish is born!  Nora wanted back in that pool SO bad :)
Sharon blessed our socks off with these yummy non-Haiti snacks...olives, feta cheese, hummus, couscous...SO GOOD to eat something DIFFERENT (and to have someone else cook!)

Matt is freezing but safe in New York, speaking several times on Sunday and now speaking at several different events at Houghton College throughout the week.   The girls start their national testing Monday, and Sharon's helping with all the extra car-pooling and early mornings that testing brings...So thankful!!!

Matt being gone gives us lots of extra opportunities to look to the Lord :)  

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