01 March 2016

picture update

We are STILL sick.  Nora is still sick.  Now Lily and I are sick, and by today it's kind of been a stuffy haze.

So we're parting from better blogging and catching you up on pix :)

Yesterday, I read an article on FB about how exposing babies to more foods at younger ages can actually prevent food allergies.
Which is convenient.  Because Nora will not be allergic to chocolate.
Baby number 3, friends :)

she was in LOVE
 and thankfully really likes bath time, too :)
 Meanwhile, Unle Don has been hard at work...
Building...and loving on the girls!

the basketball court is almost done...

and so we've been busy taking care of Uncle Don :)

We've had tons of rain the last few days...

So after church, we came home and did this for hours:

We wish Uncle Don lived here all the time.  
I'm pretty sure I've said that before :)
 Finally, chickie pete, sick though she is, is seven months old today, crawling all over the house and starting to pull up on things.  SLOW DOWN, happy boogie girl!

The basketball court is almost finished, and I'm hoping hoping we can find some way to build a small playground, swing-set, tree house...something...next.  We have a new family moving to the field in a few months with two small boys, and it's been a long-time dream for our girls.  We'll see.

Sadly, Uncle Don is wrapping up his time here, and so is Matt.  Don leaves Thursday for home and Aunt Brenda, and Matt leaves Friday for Houghton College and a series of speaking in New York!  The only thing good about Matt going is that it means Aunt Sharon is coming...to help us out and be our family while Matt's gone...SO THANKFUL.  

Keep praying for better health and perseverance, and for our little family while we're apart!

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  1. Loved spending a bit of time with all of you and now that were home seeing all your pictures. You all are so precious. May God richly bless all of you as you have surely blessed us. Thank you. Albert and Lysje