10 March 2016

the week

Matt's time at Houghton College has been really good...and drawing to a close.  Last night he shared at some kind of a Global Empowerment Seminar about discipleship in a voodoo worldview, he's been teaching in a few classes, preaching in a few churches...good and busy and ready to come home!

The girls and I are very ready to have him home...but not if that means Aunt Sharon might be leaving!  I simply could NOT have done this week without her...and it's been such fun having her to boot!  She can do a little bit of EVERYTHING, which is exactly what you need in your life in Haiti!

She drives, she speaks Creole, she bakes, yesterday she killed a mouse, she homeschools, she plays games, she bounces babies and wipes noses and finds socks and washes dishes and listens and brings joy and patience and help to our house!  

Seriously.  We would have been lost.  The added bonus is her cherished friendship on top of it all!
Visiting Sofie's school, though the kids were far more interested in Nora than in Aunt Sharon!
Yesterday's chapel service was so good!
Sofie insisted we make muffins for her class's last day of testing yesterday!  She looks so sweet and proud!
Phil gets an awful lot done, too!  We finally got together enough funds to get the treehouse project started and finally got enough of the high priority jobs done to make the treehouse top Phil's list!  The girls are watching daily with SUCH anticipation!  For over five years now I've been wanting some kind of a playground or treehouse for the kids, and it is SO EXCITING to finally have one in the works.  When the Edler's get here in June with their two little boys, it'll be even more well-used!  

Thank you for praying us through this busy week!!

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  1. sam will be all over a treehouse!!looks good