20 March 2016

fervent application

Thursday night, I shared my chapel message with you, and Friday morning after a long night with Nora, things got worse.

Her fever continued to burn, and as soon as Matt was dressed for work, she threw up all over him.  He changed and left, and I tried to care for her...and get myself ready and figure out when I was ever going to catch up on all the time in the office I was missing, and nervous about chapel.

I finally got the girls out playing and got dressed, only to have Nora throw up all over me, crying profusely and too weak to even sit up on her own.

I was ready to cry myself, both with concern and stress, stress and concern.

Emily, hearing from next door the wailing of the morning, came over just to pray for me--which was exactly the help that I needed.

By 10:30, I simply had to get going and spend a few minutes in the office before chapel, and covered in baby throw-up, I sat down in the rocking chair next to Nora's crib to try feeding her, my brow furrowed and my mind racing.

Thank you, Lord, for sending over Emily to pray with me...she was just the help I needed.  But now WHAT am I going to do about this girl? What about all I need to do? What about chapel? What about this fever? What is wrong with my baby? What do we need to do? What CAN we do? Lord!

As clear as day He brought the message of Enduring with Christ and seemed to place it right on my lap.

I was about to go and preach from Nehemiah about his, and Christ's godly examples of enduring.

Was I enduring with Christ?  Now?  Was I putting into practice all that Nehemiah had, persevering with a calm heart and full-faith, boldly and with all Trust?

Humbled, I began, absolutely everything I could remember from Nehemiah, my hand on Nora's burning sweet head...Lord, let your ear now be attentive and your eyes open to hear the prayer of Your servant which I am praying before You now.  I remember You.  Forgive me for relying on my own strength and knowledge!  I remember your hand, I remember your power, I remember your promises, and I am asking you to hear my prayer and to bring me success today with Nora.  Lord, heal my little girl.  Break her fever, breaking whatever is behind it, may it not come back, and may you return my little girl to me.

See me now, be with me, and help me share your Word to our staff and students with power and with peace, with boldness and with focus.  Help me. Guide me.  I remember you.  I will not be afraid.  You are great and awesome, Lord, and I remember you.  Strengthen my hands!

That time of prayer Friday morning has changed the last 48 hours profusely.

Of course, the main thing that changed was me.

"Prayer changes the way a person looks at things.  Prayer is not a matter of changing things externally, but one of working miracles in a person's inner nature." -O.Chambers

Each time my heart or mind or hand has been weak or anxious these days, I have returned to prayer, and Christ has been strengthened in me, my faith refreshed and restored.

He helped me share with clarity and boldness in chapel, and I trust He touched hearts through the sharing of how He's touching mine.

And from the time I got home from chapel until now, Nora has been entirely, 100% cool to the touch.

Is she covered in a rash from head to toe? Yes.  But did I pray about that?  No, I did not :)

No fever.  After three solid days of high fever.

I'm not saying God is our genie, and I'm praying lots of other prayers right now with endurance that I'm long-awaiting His powerful hand.  But I am saying that study and conviction of Scripture, without applying it to our own sticky, complicated, fragile personal lives, is worth very little.
Praying with you, today, that we might call upon the Lord to look and listen, that we might respond with repentance and trust, that we might pray for success in light overcoming the darkness, that we might rally others around us, share with them our situations and ask for them to pray, that we might refuse to be deceived,  that we might be ready to MOVE when He tells us to move, that we might refuse to be afraid, that we might ask Him to strengthen our hands!

Because He will.
Because He does.

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  1. does she have roseola? it is basically baby measles. my daughter had that around her age and it was a type of measles that babies get. high fever and rash. Is she getting better? it is contagious to other babies check out web.md if you can get it where you live.