25 March 2016


It was a fun Easter-y day with the girls...they are finally old enough to truly start getting it (as much as any of us can wrap our minds around what He has done out of His great love for us!) and that has made these past days so good!

They are both most interested in how He possibly could have been punished and beaten and killed when He was so clearly pure and innocent...in their little minds I have worked to instill the idea that each choice has a benefit or a consequence, and it is hard to understand the dire consequence of a completely innocent, miracle-working Son of God man.

They are also both in awe of how anyone would even dare beat Jesus, Son of the Living God, and how in the world Jesus LET them...how beautiful and powerful it has been to share with them that in all truth, it was not guards nor priests nor nails that put Jesus on the cross, but He Himself who went there.
I don't usually mommy-blog, but if you're interested in what we've been sharing and doing with the girls this Easter, we've been watching "The Gospel of John", which is word for word the entire Gospel put into a three hour movie (we've been watching bits at a time, and they are LOVING seeing so many stories they know well come to life.  We did skip the crucifixion...even the trials leading up to it were about more than their little hearts could bear.)  

We've also been reading through the Easter story with them for the past two weeks for morning devotions and bed-time readings, both in their "Jesus Storybook Bible" and in the much more detailed "Egermeier's Bible Story Book".  

We also received these, "Resurrection Eggs"several years ago from the Geyer's, and they LOVE them...we've been hiding the eggs, and once they find them, opening each one in order as the girls use the little props to talk through the story.  Such a cool tool, and one I suppose you could make yourself, though the little book that comes with them is really good!
Tomorrow morning is our first crack at Resurrection Rolls, too.  If you live in a country that HAS cans of crescent rolls...goodness.  

Add in some fun Easter crafts, and dying eggs (and fingers, and table, and floor, and clothes...) and answering their dozens of questions, I've been just as moved this Easter by both His suffering and death AND His resurrection as Lily and Sofie have. 
Among many other things, Easter proves once again that a lot can happen in three days...and that THAT which God begins, He FINISHES.  

Even death.  

He isn't finished yet in our lives...and even when He IS, it is just the beginning.

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