14 March 2016

au revoir

Mona, our head chef of far more years than Matt and I have here, has been wanting to get to America since we met her, with most of her family living in Boston...and the sad day has finally come.  Just two weeks after suddenly losing Junior, we're suddenly losing Mona.  

Very sad.  Except that she's happy.  

But the send-off today was so special.

Being deliberate makes such a difference.  Taking 30 minutes in chapel, bringing Mona in, and letting staff and students share their hearts about how much she has meant to us each was SO good.

It was a real gift to hear our students talk about our family...talk about how they will miss this member, talk about how sweet living in community is, talk about how painful it has been to lose Junior and now Mona, talk about how we are a family, how we are a church.
Mona was simply bawling, and while I know she'll be happy to finally get to America and to live with her daughter, she is leaving an awful lot of her kids.  

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