27 February 2016

they are off!

Yesterday our lovely board headed back home, and we all just have thankful hearts.  Our time with them was so good and rich.  Their experience, wisdom, interest and passion was just a blessing to us, as was spending some down time with them...eating together, telling stories, playing with the girls.  
Phil and Emily, Lew and Serge, John, Harold, Jerome, Vern, Linda and Galen, Robert

Our lovely family from Seeds of Greatness
Matt and I were so thankful for our time with Harold.  He spent so much of his life here and has so much to give.
I'm so thankful Linda came with Galen and the guys!!  These two are so deliberate in discipling so many young people, and I never see how they'd have time for us, too...but they were here, and take the time, and I'm so thankful for both of them in our lives and for all the ways they practically help and mentor us.  Very blessed.

Today was a day of SWEET rest...we were so tired. 

Tomorrow, I'll follow you up on The Painful Pilay post...I have some really exciting news and pictures...

Thank you for your prayers this past week of board meetings!!

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