11 January 2016

ordinary days

I wish you could have gone to church with us this morning.
The service was just GOOD.  Being the church with Belony is such a joy.  He pours out his God-given gifts of evangelism and discipleship in such bold, loving, patient and practical ways, from the way he works with the church to even the way he leads and prays.
This little guy in front of me was SO intently following along as Luddie, one of our graduates from 2013, preached from Matthew.

It was this singing group's 14th anniversary, so the church was extra decorated.  Toilet paper :)
Larry grew up in Haiti, but this is the first time his daughter Rachel has been, and Verna hasn't been for over 20 years!  Tomorrow Larry starts teaching Pauline Epistles to 1st and 3rd years.
These two young men decided to follow Jesus this past week as Belony shared the Gospel at their home.  This morning, they came to the front to publicly share their decision, and to be brought into accountability and community.

Such a gift to be the church together with the Flavil community this morning!

It has also been a weekend of much baking and hosting!
So hard to believe that we hadn't even MET Nora girl only 6 months ago!  How quickly you forget what life was like without them!
After reading Sofie a book about cupcakes a few days ago, Pam courageously offered to bake cupcakes with the girls today.  The girls had a BLAST, they were delicious, and this sweet picture is such a reminder of how God provides...even dear friends and mentors and disciplers for our children.
A few nights ago we had a big bonfire with the West Park Team....and somehow one thing led to another, and Nora fell asleep with light sticks on her head :)  This crazy missionary life...

We all head back to school tomorrow, but not before the girls begged Rachel into a goodnight story.

So thankful to have our students all coming back today and tomorrow, for new classes starting , for lots of help getting started and for the many ways He speaks through ordinary days and ways.

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