03 January 2016

fun, friends, cooking and CRAZY.

Having only January 1st empty on our calendar (through March 10) means lots of things for these upcoming days...lots of fun, lots of friends, lots of cooking, lots of crazy.
Today, fun and friends and crazy and cooking meant 18 people leaving Emmaus at 6:45 am for an awesome student's church service in town...heading to the beach afterwards...and getting home with just enough time to bust out the flour and oil and turn out a pizza party.  (Do you know what just packing for a day like that with three little ones looks like?  Sunscreen, hymn books, fruit snacks, wet wipes, snorkel gear....Moms, you know :)

As we prepared for the day last night, Matt said to Em, "But I'm not preaching or anything, just translating, right?"

"YES.  They said NOTHING about preaching.  We just go, and you translate for the team."
Of course, they said nothing about preaching because they were saving the ask for praise and worship time :)
In the end it was Matt preaching and me translating for my favorite preacher and a whole bunch of really fantastic brothers and sisters of different tongues and nations worshiping together.  A real gift...very thankful to have been at Viony's church this morning, and to finally meet his lovely family.
The girls are VERY excited to be reunited with their Tia Rosa.

Nora's really into to taking selfies lately :)
Lily trying out her bday present!
and Nora, trying out SAND.

At home, when Nora fades out, I rush to put her in her crib so I can be more involved with her sisters, housework, cooking, getting back to the officeetc.  But at the beach on the Sabbath, I just get to hold her while she snores...so wonderful.
Meanwhile, Lily had an AWESOME birthday on Saturday...complete with a team from New Jersey, a "7" cake that she designed months ago, and lots of fun with Legos!

shoes from grandpa...
and Legos from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Adam, Grandpa and Miss Cindy...
which was fun for EVERYONE :)
And a super fun team who all brought pink Happy Birthday tiaras :)
Love this special girl so much!

Such a gift God's given us these SEVEN years in Lily!

Whew.  What a weekend.  And we're only on day three of the rainbow calendar :)  Thankful for your prayers and for Christ, my place of quiet retreat and His Word, renewing me.

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