30 December 2015

wrapping it up

As the girls headed out the door to go to Sofie's school Christmas party this afternoon, they were dressed up and excited and asked me to take their picture.

I'm not going to lie...I have LOVED and cherished these few days of being a stay at home mommy and them being home from school.  Lily turns SEVEN in two days, and I am just so ever-aware of how quickly they are growing up.  All your heart...man...it's just OUT there for your children.  All this growing up is so beautiful and painful!

What a powerful testimony motherhood continues to be of how He KNOWS us well and LOVES us overwhelmingly.

Nora dear is really loving that tongue lately :)  She's gonna be as ornery as her sisters...there is nothing she loves more than giggly Lily and Sofie time.

Cherishing this New Year as we persevere in discipling and empowering and coming alongside these precious girls and our many dear students.  
This year is for the Gospel.  

My last few weeks of attempts at drowning my days and heart in His Word have been so meaningful and transformative that I'm committing the year to It's saturation.  He's working me through Hebrews now and a study throughout the Bible on hospitality....which is timely!

Lily turns 7 on Saturday, and with it comes a team of 8 from New Jersey and Rosa's return.  Office hours start back up on the 4th along with Lily's return to school (M-W-F) and our start of a new homeschool year!  Our students all return on the 10th, visiting professors arrive on the day the team leaves (the 8th), and the Heckman's family arrive the same day as well!  

This semester promises to be a very full one. 

So thankful it is His, so thankful my girls are His, so thankful our days are His, our students are His, Haiti...His.

I continue to be completely and totally unable to cherish or shape or serve or encourage or bless of ANY of them without His Mighty Presence, help and great grace...what a gift.  

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