26 December 2015


Alright...after these way-too-many photos, I am ALL caught up.

Today my sister and brother and niece headed back home...I love seeing how are families are growing!
This year's picture, Lisa is 33 weeks pregnant and we have sweet Nora!
And last year's picture I was 14 weeks pregnant and look at little Evie!
We had a very challenging time getting all four girls in one picture :)

Evie was just not feeling it :) ...so thankful they gave up Christmas with the comforts of home to celebrate here with us!  We had such a nice time.

Ever wonder what kind of Christmas traditions other cultures hold dear?

I can only tell you a few from Haiti (Christmas is just not a big holiday here) and I hardly know any from the Dominican Republic...but I can share with you some Christmas traditions that these American missionaries living in Haiti celebrating in the DR have every year!!
like long crowded road trips...

busy Cap-Haitien
 roadblocks, which this year also included police, rocks being thrown and gunfire...An exciting new element I wish I had anticipated and put on a movie for the girls.
incredibly long and complicated border-crossings...
and tangerines...

lots of time with friends
hair braiding

evening walks...

domino's pizza!

a few gifts (which for the Ayars girls, have to include shoes from Grandpa!)

 beach games...

time by the pool
icy swims

celebrating Adam's birthday (this is the second time!)...Matt and Adam have WAY too much fun together :)

enjoying special luxuries like folded napkin swans :)
playing in the nativity (this year, Sofie was very upset that baby Jesus might get cold, and gave him the aforementioned napkin swan :)
enjoying friends

catching up with family (my family doesn't always get to go, but we're so thankful they did this year!)
and making new friends from around the globe!

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