05 December 2015

some crazy love.

They don't have to be my kids for me to be just incredibly touched and proud of them.  Today our men and women (far more than the 8 who had originally planned to go) headed out before 7 am to spend their Saturday bathing, feeding, brushing teeth, braiding, touching, singing to, holding, playing with, and praying with 70 severely handicapped beloveds.  
I've got tons of photos to go through and will be sharing their stories of how the day broke and blessed their hearts soon. 

Lily's question tonight was "Why were all of the kids in those little cages?"
She's had a lot of questions today that I can't answer.  Everyone who went has a lot of questions to wrestle with tonight.

But something we all have a firm grasp on is that each of these children, mostly abandoned, are dear and close to His heart...and that every leg washed, every hair braided, every mouth handfed, every hand held...were the leg and hair and mouth and hand of Jesus.

There seems to be something very Christmas-y about loving on the least of these...loving on the helpless.  Loving with lots of questions, and putting them all at His scarred feet.

Thank you for helping, for praying.  

Please do some crazy love this Christmas, and trust Him. 

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