23 November 2015

trimming the tree with you...

Praising the Lord to have Matt safely home tonight after a great trip.  Four happy girls!

Because our Thanksgiving was last week, the girls really wanted to decorate for Christmas tonight with their dad.  The Heckman's got Matt a tree for his birthday this year, but as we pulled out homemade ornaments and many that we moved to Haiti with, we hung an awful lot of broken, rusted ornaments on the tree tonight (apparently most ornaments are not made to be stored in 90+ degree heat and humidity!)...and I got thinking.

As you decorate your tree this year, would you send us an ornament?  Pull out an old one or buy a cheap one or make us a simple one, but before you send it, would you write your names on it?
Yes, Sofie is hanging ornaments in her underwear.
How special it would be for us as a family to yearly hang reminders of your prayers and family upon our tree, and to pray for you as we do!  I'd love to start the tradition of praying up our tree each year with our girls, a reminder of the many who hold our ropes and who are our precious family in Christ.

Just stick it in a padded envelope and mail to:

Matt Ayars
Unit 1153 - EBS
3170 Airman's Drive
Fort Pierce, FL   34946

THANK YOU, dear ones.

that was random :)