05 November 2015

prayer picture

Yesterday was our annual adventure of all-EBS picture day.  This year, friends Trish and Martie were here to take the picture, Lily held back the dogs, and we officially outgrew our ability to take the picture in front of the chapel!  Of course, we missed several people who forgot or couldn't come, like Lucner and Pam and Wilbens, and of course, it took an insanely long time to get everybody in there!  

But, as I look over the picture, I am just so incredibly thanking our God for each of these men and women.  They EACH represent such a huge sphere of Godly influence...each represent a church, each represent a village, each represent a life growing in Christ and working hard and everywhere to make Him known and grow others in Him, as well.

That means that whether we were sweating by the time it was through or not, THIS is a special picture, a cherished testimony to all that He is doing, and choosing to do, through Emmaus.  Through you.  Thank you for your prayers, and keep on praying over these men and women!

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