15 November 2015

His presence

Tomorrow I teach for three hours and then preach in chapel (I know this doesn't stress Matt out in the least to do, but it does me to no end!), Wednesday is Thanksgiving (we are hosting again this year, with over 30 people coming!) and Thursday, Matt leaves for Atlanta for Society of Biblical Literature annual meetings. 
That means that tonight as I prepare backpacks and menu plan and pull out last year's Thanksgiving decorations, I'm trying NOT to be stressed, and instead dwell on the joy Saturday was with a just-our-family beach day (haven't done that in at least several years!) and the joy of worshiping at Claudin's and building lego castles today.   
These two are the best of friends, which gives me SUCH joy to watch.

This girl's decided that she likes the beach just as much as her sisters do :)

We were supposed to finally meet Fanfan's new baby girl over lunch today, but all our election drama is still up in the air and probably will be until the final day (set for December 27th, currently) so his little family was nervous about coming our way.  Will be very thankful when all of that is over!

Because all of Haiti will be shut down Wednesday for Vertier Day (Nov. 18th every year), that continues to be the day we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Once again, meditating on thankfulness right now feels especially pertinent...my greatest joy in hosting is picking songs, passages, poems and verses about worshiping with a grateful heart.  While I'm sure they'll bless those coming, it always seems to be me who needs them most.

Tonight, it is Isaiah 9:3 reminding me that my thankful heart needn't have anything to do with how I'm feeling lately or what I'm experiencing.  

"They will be glad in Your presence as with the gladness of harvest."

It is His presence I shall be glad in, glad for.

Seeking to stay there.

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